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Ringling College of Art and Design

Work has finally been completed on Ringling College of Art and Design’s new Studio Labs complex marking the final stage of the planned campus expansion. Students will have access to a modern postproduction facility including editing suites, dubbing bay, a final color room, and a complete Foley sound effects stage. Despite being on the other side of the country from Hollywood, Ringling College consistently seems to attract film industry insiders to the campus to work as visiting mentors. Previous guest mentors have included screenwriter Zak Penn, Brit Marlin (co-creator of Netflix series The OA), actor Winston Duke and actor-director Beau Bridges.

This summer Bridges had been shooting his latest feature, Acting: The First Six Lessons, at the Studio Labs which also featured Ringling College students on its crew. The pragmatic approach to education with hands-on practical experience worked well, and he praised the “highly prepared” crew of students for helping finish production ahead of schedule. Notable alumni of Ringling College of Art and Design include Academy Award winners Brandon Oldenburg and Patrick Osborne, and editors Andrew Halley and Jason Letkiewicz.

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