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California State University Northridge

The tuition fees for Cal State Northridge may be significantly lower than the other Californian film schools, but that certainly is no reflection of the quality of education received there. The film program has a strong focus on practical methods of teaching, in other words learning by doing and students can expect to spend a lot of time on the soundstage honing the art of filmmaking. Recently augmented reality and virtual reality technology has been invested in and new course both have been added to the curriculum.

Cal State Northridge graduate, John Hampian, set up an internship program for current students while he was working as head of the production department for Mad Men. Hampion recalls his time at Cal State Northridge, “I think of sitting in a soundstage, getting work done and joking around. It was where all the fun was.” Other notable alumni of Cal State Northridge include Marvel executive producer Michael Grillo, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Cartoon Network Studios Brian Miller and Tiffany Brown who is the manager of television at Kevin Hart’s HartBeat Productions.

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