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Werner Herzog Teaches Filmmaking

With 50 excellence awards, 70 films to his credit, and 5 decades of hands-on experience, in Werner Herzog’s Masterclass ‘Capture the Spectacular,’ he shares the important lessons he has learned about Feature Film and Documentary movie making. From documentary interview techniques, self-financing, cinematography, location searches, and great storytelling, this legendary professional, shares ways to bring your vision to life. One of his teaching points is to watch films and with quizzical analysis, make notes on the opening scene. For this exercise, Herzog uses Marlon Brando’s opening to Viva Zapata.

If you want to become a great storyteller, Herzog instructs you to read, read, and read some more. He even has a reading list to follow in this excellent class. From structuring a script, (Herzog is not a big fan of the 3 Act format) to financing your first film, the business side of the art of film-making, discovering the best locations as backdrops to your film, his belief in the power of example, music, sound, camera angles, creating characters, the list of topics covered goes on and on. For a man who writes screenplays in less than a week, never uses storyboards, with a style that is best described as guerrilla filmmaking, his notoriety has been summed up in these words by Roger Ebert. “Even His Failures Are Spectacular.”

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