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VideoStudio Ultimate 2019

VideoStudio Ultimate does simple editing really well. What makes it really good is the ability to easily import video clips to cut and paste to your timeline. It comes with a selection of effects to enhance your presentation, allows you to add audio, captions, and text, do overlays and even import 3D text. So sophisticated is this editing tool, you can even make adjustments to color automatically or use the manual color correction tool to personalize the look. Tools for adjusting the white balance, saturation, change the hue, adjust the lightness and tone curve can be done with the built-in program or manually. The bottom line is that the user has a lot of options to easily control your video to make it look professional.

From seamless transitions, importing content from additional sources to your media panel it’s easy to drag and drop them to your main timeline. Output to Blu-ray, DVD and ISO files allows VideoStudio to be a video converter as well as a post-production editing tool. VideoStudio Ultimate has a royalty-free music library with clips that run from electronic to classical and most genres in between. Just make your selection and drag it to the timeline and you’re ready to edit into the track. Adjust sound levels up or down, fade in or out, and build your sound mix like a pro. Windows, Mac, Linux, no matter what OS you use VideoStudio Ultimate has got you covered. If you’re new to the postproduction game, they even have extensive tutorials with a user guide that is over 200 pages long.

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