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The Writers Journey: Mythic Structure for Writers

Using mythological allegory to support his theory that many stories can be built on character archetypes, and narrative structures, Christopher Vogler’s The Writer’s Journey, is one of those books writers read over and over again. The ‘hero’s journey’ plot structure concept works well in a 3 act format and shows readers how to improve upon storyline conflicts and resolution of same. Wherever readers are on their writing journey, screenwriting, fiction, or non-fiction, they will find words of wisdom on every page. Christopher Vogler’s insights provide useful information to help bring your story to life.

Although ‘The Writer’s Journey’ may be daunting for novice writers, as you master the craft, it will become your reference bible. The TOC and subject index make gathering specific information easy. Being a well-organized read with an abundance of useful information, start to finish, ‘The Writer’s Journey’ Mythic Structure For Writers, will give you many of the tools so important to crafting your best writing for every story or screenplay.

After several editions of refinement, this classic is a must-read and personal library addition for any writer considering a hero-based adventure, action, fantasy story or script.

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