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The Filmmaker’s Handbook

Originally published in 1984, the latest edition of ‘The Filmmaker’s Handbook’ has been updated and revised. Using today’s technologies, it includes digital filmmaking, and a much-expanded range of tools in the modern production toolbox. Now a days, the use of computer systems, especially important for Special Effects, and new technical shooting equipment, has blurred some of the traditional lines between film and video. New methods and techniques need to be mastered for both the creation and production of Film Making in the Digital Age. In this comprehensive guide, the authors go to great lengths to do just that.

From experimental films, to documentaries, industrial, and even full-length features, the wisdom the authors share, provides film students and seasoned film makers with essential information. To that end, they have also dedicated pages to video production, with chapters on editing and modern cameras capable of shooting your backyard family BBQ or a Feature Film. This 4th edition has been called ‘The Bible’ of film and video production and rightfully so. ‘The Film Maker’s Handbook’ continues to be used as one of the most authoritative references for directing, editing, producing and ‘how to’ distribution of your film or video. The reputation of authors Steven Ascher and Edward Pincus as mentors to the industry, is well deserved.

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