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The Complete Film Production Handbook

For current Biz professionals in need of a refresher, wannabe’s and students seeking words of wisdom as they try to break into the world of TV and Film production, this is one ‘must-have’ reference for all things ‘business of the business.’ Far removed from ‘on-set’ activity is a whole army of support people who manage a production. All part of the reason film credits, take so long to roll through the screen. Here is a partial list of some of them; Producers-there are many different kinds, Production Manager, Production Coordinator, and Production Supervisor. In ‘The Complete Film Production Handbook,’ Honthaner, shares what you need to streamline the business of the business. Her book contains easy to follow forms for drawing up contracts, talent releases, finding a short term production office, usually a number of months, and all the paperwork needed to run a successful production from the inside out.

Her most recent edition has new sections on TV production, Commercials, Indy Films, Shorts, and Documentaries, How to go Green, (not Green Screen) Shipping and Travel regulations when shooting on location, up to date information on ‘deal memos,’ scheduling, budgeting, digital production, clearances for music, and a slew of new forms to make a film makers life, easier. From Biz curious, to novice film makers, students, and even seasoned pros, this production guide is as good as it gets. Honthaner, in ‘THE COMPLETE FILM PRODUCTION HANDBOOK’ saves readers, a lot of hassles, money and time. A more apt title would be impossible to find.

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