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The Business of Television

Here’s a list of Ken Basin’s credits and why his ‘Business of Television’ has become the gold standard reference book on the industry he has spent so much of his life in. From Harvard lecturer teaching entertainment and intellectual property legal matters, V.P. U.S. Business Affairs Sony Pictures Television, and currently Executive V.P. Business Affairs at Paramount Television, Basin offers financial business insights for aspiring creatives who want to better understand the business side of the entertainment industry.

But the appeal of his writing does not stop there. His handy reference guide is a must-read reference for lawyers, managers, agents and executives who work in the industry. Topics include tips on International Productions, Streaming Platforms, Licensing, Back End Deal Making, Intellectual Property, Talent Negotiations, and examples from the real world of the business of T.V. business. Each chapter concludes with a summary of points made, lists of referenced cases, and a glossary, all for easy review. With stints at Harvard, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Amazon Studios and now Paramount TV, Basin has seen and experienced it all, making his ‘Business of Television’ another volume to include in your reference library.

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