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The Anatomy of Story: 22 Steps to Becoming a Master Storyteller

Master storyteller/screenwriter John Truby’s ‘Anatomy of Story’ has been described by Backstage as “A veritable bible for screenwriters.” High praise for the man who also wrote screenplays for Shrek, Scream, and Sleepless in Seattle. In 22 Steps To Becoming a Master Storyteller, Truby describes his exacting craft with techniques used to allow readers to become successful writers no matter what genre or medium they choose to write in. This book uses a combination of fine-tuned insights from mythology, philosophy and insightful anecdotes to engage the reader.

Using an organic approach to developing plot and characters that naturally grow within the original storyline Truby uses progressive exercises at the end of each chapter, that shows readers how to write a great story. By eliminating the sometimes boring simple ‘3 Act’ structure, and screenwriting clichés found in so many other ‘how-to’ books, Anatomy of Story is a must-have writing guide and survival manual allowing readers to navigate the cutthroat world called professional screenwriting. If you’re a writer who seeks to develop your characters, construct complex plots and tell great stories, then this is one of the volumes you must have in your bookcase of writing material.

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