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Steve Martin Teaches Comedy

His career began doing stand-up at a drive-in movie theater where the audience would honk their horns if they enjoyed his jokes. Some 50 career-building years later, Steve Martin can add, Comedian, Actor, Writer, TV Performer, Author, Playwright, and Musician to his extensive resume. His industry-recognized credits include; American Comedy, Grammy, and Emmy awards with Comedy Central placing Martin at number six in their all-time list of the top 100 comics. His lessons run 10-15 minutes of screen time for different topics and are introduced by an animated comedic title. In support of the topic, Martin usually introduces a clip from one of his performances, and a workbook with assignments.

He tells students that it’s important to collect lots of material, search for your own voice, work on developing your act, and push yourself to write more and more material. On occasion his banjo playing proficiency, aids in his presentation. In one of his lessons playwright Martin uses his ‘Meteor Shower’ stage play to teach dialogue, exposition and character development. As your teacher and comedy guide, Martin is not only a positive presence, he is also frank, and charming throughout all of his 25 lessons as well.

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