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Spike Lee Teaches Filmmaking

His love for Filmmaking is contagious and it shows in his MasterClass, ‘Spike Lee Teaches Filmmaking.’ His production company ’40 Acres and A Mule’ has produced 35 films since its inception in 1983. His extensive body of work, making a film a year, certainly qualifies him to mentor aspiring filmmakers and he does so in typical Spike Lee fashion. One of his mantras is to collaborate with like-minded people who compliment your style. Never stop learning all you can about your craft, especially from mistakes you make along the way, and how important it is to understand the social constructs of the medium.

Lee’s lessons include camera moves, blocking for actors and shots, the importance of working with like-minded professionals behind the lens, how to adapt if plans go awry, and how a film should comment on today’s society. Lee examines films for process as well as on a creative level and shares his insight with his audience in a conversational manner. One of his reference movies is the 104-year-old, ‘Birth of a Nation.’ This classic is discussed not for the technical components that went into making the movie, but for the power movies have to tell a compelling story no matter how old they are. Some have compared Spike Lee to Sidney Lumet, Martin Scorsese, and Elia Kazan. To be included in that group of Oscar-winning filmmakers is high praise, to say the least.

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