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Ron Howard Teaches Directing

With 2 Best Director Academy Awards, 4 Emmy’s, 2 Golden Globes, a Grammy, 7 BAFTA nominations to name a few, The National Medal of Arts, 2 Stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and a starting at the age of 6, a career as an actor, producer, and director, Ron Howard is more than qualified to teach directing. His body of work has been lauded as some of Hollywood’s most memorable films. In his MasterClass, Howard uses a hands-on, practical approach to teaching the art of directing. With examples from ‘A Beautiful Mind,’ and ‘Apollo 13’ he teaches students script evaluation and more. Using a scene and a read through from his nominated Best Picture and Best Director, ‘Frost/Nixon’ film, Howard shares a list of 6 more staging possibilities.

Coverage, Master Shots, Steadicam POV, and how to stage them, Alternate Staging considerations, and even Staging for Indie Shoots. And that’s just one lesson! With a total of 32 lessons covering hours of classwork, it would not be difficult to view one lesson a day for a month resulting in you becoming a much better filmmaker. Howards no-nonsense approach to teaching his craft is delivered in a conversational way. When students add in the assignments included in the workbook, and a comprehensive study of Directing, you have a complete package. A complete package just like your mentor.

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