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R.L. Stine Teaches Writing for Young Audiences

Ever hear of the idea store? In this MasterClass, R.L. Stine explains how you can mine for ideas when writing a book. By taking the mysteries out of writing he shares his words of wisdom with professionals, budding writers and people who write just for the fun of it. No matter which category you fall into, there is something for everyone in this course hosted by Robert Lawrence Stine. With over 400 million books sold, many translated into 35 different languages, he is one of the world’s best-selling authors, and with over 300 books written, one of the most prolific writers as well. He is quick to point out he likes to scare people and for the millions of children who read his work, most will agree. His successful Goosebumps series attest to his ability.

Beyond scary children’s stories, Stine has moved into scaring adults as well. His made for adult’s horror novel, ‘Red Rain’ does just that. Taking 3 departments from his ‘idea store’, Stine explains how he approaches his themes. By using imagination, memories and life experiences as guides, students can use them as a springboard to discover dozens of personal stories to write about. He even includes sample ideas and 20 quick story ideas you can use to develop your novel. Beyond all the public accolades and achievements to remember, here’s one hard to imagine. Robert Lawrence Stine, only uses the index finger on his left hand to type.

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