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Screenwriter, playwright and movie director including; Things Change, State and Main and House of Games, Mamet, takes readers on a journey from writing the script to the cutting room floor and beyond, all the while explaining the complexities of directing. With his ultimate goal of creating a story that surprises and entertains the audience at the same time. He draws on the content of his Film School teachings while at Columbia University, making ‘On Directing Film’ an important read for students of the genre and the film making craft as well.

First and foremost, Directors need to think visually and when you add to that the importance of showing it and not just saying it, you have the beginnings of a recipe for success. Using the KISS principal of Keep It Shot Simple, Mamet suggests it’s not the individual shot that moves the story along but a series of simple shots, when cut together, gives meaning to the scene. Borrowing many ideas from Russian Masters, Eisenstein, Pudovkin, and Stanislavsky, he couches their teachings in contemporary terms bringing them to life. David Mamet’s ‘On Directing Film’ is not only instructive, but his writing style makes it humorous and an easy read as well.

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