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Natalie Portman Teaches Acting

Her professional acting career began when she was 12. Using self-taught techniques, she achieved a ‘Best Actress Oscar’ for her role in Black Swan, before turning 30. Add over 200 awards and nominations, to her list of industry-recognized credits, and you know she has the repertoire to ‘deliver the goods’ for aspiring thespians wanting to learn. In ‘Natalie Portman Teaches Acting’ 20 lesson ScreenCraft presentation, Portman teaches students the personal techniques she developed to bring complex characters to life. She tells us the essence of every great performance starts by having empathy for the character you’re playing. Importing details from your real-life experience, and the process you use to put it all together, are but a few topics she shares with her students. There’s a lesson on how you develop your character physically and how makeup and wardrobe add to the authenticity of character.

One of the lessons is a study of how she prepared for her Black Swan role. The months of ballet instruction that made her physically able to perform and master the movement in a believable way, was rigorous, to say the least. But it won her an Oscar. From working on set, performing for the camera, directors, how to use props and the set to advantage, Green Screen techniques for actors to follow, auditions, and a host of other invaluable learning tools students can use further their careers. In her last module, Portman tells her students, above all else, have fun. Important words of wisdom from an ‘A’ list actor that really knows her stuff.

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