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Movie Edit Pro Premium 2018

From amateur moviemakers to full-time consumer pro, Movie Edit Pro has much to offer in this updated version. The capability mirrors that of many of the Big Boy’s, and much more expensive post-production programs, at a fraction of the cost. Let’s be clear, this is not a toy but a sophisticated editing program that appeals to traditional non-broadcast users. If your marketplace is weddings, real estate, corporate communications, family reunions, vacations, graduations and the fun things in life, Movie Edit Pro should be high on your list when shopping for a complete post-production N.L.E. (Non-Linear Editing) program. Upon rendering all the ‘bells and whistles’ this program has to offer, your audience will applaud the results. It’s that sophisticated.

Here’s just a few capabilities Movie Edit Pro has to offer. Over 1,500 effects, a collection of templates and music to bring your production to life. You can even perform color grading, optimize sound, and picture in picture effects. The extensive list goes on. You can produce great-looking titles, edit Multicam, use the built-in sophisticated audio tools, rendering is fast, has great stability and media support. You can even use Movie Edit Pro to edit 4K projects.
For enthusiasts, pro-am videographers and people wanting to learn the intricacies of editing, Movie Edit Pro is well worth checking out.

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