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Malcolm Gladwell Teaches Writing

Starting in 1996 as a contributor for New Yorker, Gladwell has published several books including; Blink, The Power of Thinking Without Thinking, The Tipping Point, What the Dog Saw, How Little Things Can Make A Big Difference and Ted Talks. His mantra for success reads like this. “I have two parallel things I’m interested in. One is, I’m interested in collecting interesting stories, and the other is I’m interested in collecting interesting research. What I’m looking for is cases where they overlap.” In his MasterClass, we discover how he helps “millions of readers devour complex ideas like behavioral economics and performance prediction” and how he “researches topics, crafts characters, and distills big ideas into simple, powerful narratives.”

In his course teaser, Gladwell lays out his 20 lesson syllabus on topics writers need to know. In his own words, here’s some of his teachings. “We’re going to talk about suspense, structure, research, humility, characters, puzzles, and semicolons.” He tells us, “Writers spend a lot of time thinking about how to start their stories and not a lot of time thinking about how to end them. “Learning how to write at an 8th grade level “but with ideas that are super sophisticated,” takes a lot of time to get it right. Completing his words of wisdom, Gladwell has this to say. “The job of the writer is not to supply the ideas; it is to be patient enough to find the ideas.”

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