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Judy Blume Teaches Writing

The genre is YA. (young adults) The author is Judy Blume. With more than 85 million in book sales and counting, Blume’s passion for writing books for young girls marking the passage from childhood to adolescence, began in 1969. Even in today’s liberal world, in many ways, she can be considered a pioneer as a few of her topics are considered by some, to be taboo. Blume writes about teen sex, menstruation, birth control, masturbation and even death. According to The American Library Association, Blume’s controversial topics make her a frequently challenged author. Even so, she has 85 million copies sold, is translated into 32 languages and has won a number of prestigious awards including the 2004 National Book Foundation’s, medal for contribution to American Letters.

In this, her first online writing class, the audience will discover how to create memorable characters, pen realistic dialogue, and turn their personal stories into treasured reading that resonates with readers all over the world. Straight forward, honest characters that struggle with the need to understand the topics of her books, is a universal theme in all that she writes. As your instructor, she talks about what worked for her, and challenges the audience to discover what will work for them. Resonating with millions of readers, her subject material is a parenting guide for raising daughters all over the world.

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