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Joyce Carol Oates Teaches the Art of The Short Story

Creative Writing Professor at Princeton, multi award winning author with 58 novels and thousands of articles, short stories and essays published so far, Joyce Carol Oates will fine hone your storytelling ability to improve your craft. She states “Art is the highest expression of the human spirit,” and as such, it continues to touch generations of people no matter what genre of art is expressed. The instinct for storytelling is as old as mankind and its value to human history continues today. This MasterClass is all about writing the stories you want to tell and not about obtuse theory or philosophy.

It’s an anthology for fiction writers to understand how to create the form of their craft. Starting with short assignments, a paragraph, a single page, then 2 or 3 and building from there. Baby steps at first working to running the mile and enjoying it. It’s the process leading to a product. Mastering the Art of writing the short story, provides tools for more ambitious projects. Some that may not be fiction. What you will learn in this class will serve you well, no matter what form of writing you choose to creatively express yourself using the written word.

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