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Jodie Foster Teaches Filmmaking

With over 50 years of movie-making experience both in front and behind the lens, Jodie’s Masterclass teaching course will appeal to many audiences. As someone who has close to 60 directing and film nominations, a winner of 2 Oscars, she knows of what she speaks. Fan or filmmaker, ‘Jodie Foster teaches Film Making’ is both an interesting read and informative journey for devotees of the genre. She explains the need for an emotional attachment to your film project, and how to find the inspiration to continue through the process, start to finish.

Her wisdom includes discovering things to inspire you, interest you, catch your attention, obsess about, and most of all are passionate about. Jodie goes on to explain, if you don’t believe 100%, in what you’re doing, it shows. Especially when it comes to funding your project. Her work book provides invaluable information with exercises, explanations, development tools, all designed to help you get the look of your movie ‘right’ and bring your vision to life. From scripting to storyboarding casting to camera angles, Jodie draws on her many years of behind the scenes experience, being in the movies, and making them as well. This 18-lesson class is another Oscar winner Jodie can add to her list of considerable accomplishments.

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