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How to Shoot a Feature Film for Under $10,000 (And Not Go to Jail)

With 6 Directing credits, 3 as a Producer and 2 for Writing, this ‘B’ list movie maker knows a thing or two about funding movies. It’s an easy, fun read, that addresses every budding filmmaker’s dilemma, on how to fund your movie project. Combining a humorous and ‘seat of the pants’ approach to movie making, Stern tells his readers it takes money to make movies and if you don’t have all you need and want, he suggests ways you can still achieve your goal. Most of them guerilla style and on the fringe of standard practice.

As much as ‘how to,’ we discover the personal dedication, passion and drive the author has for his movie making craft. The pages of information garnered from years in the Biz are a combination of truth and humor. Stern does not take himself too seriously and his tongue in cheek writing style reflects that. He shares some of his screenwriting experience providing scenes and characters you can use in your own screenplay and gives readers tips on how to shoot a sex scene. For credibility, he tells budding directors, how to choose the right fashionista baseball cap. ‘How To Shoot A Feature Film For Under $10,000.00 And Not Go To Jail’ is as humorous as it is informative.

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