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Hans Zimmer Teaches Film Scoring

‘My language is music and the best way I can communicate’ says Hans Zimmer. Having scored over 150 films in his career, The Lion King, Dark Knight, and Inception being most notable, this self-taught ‘Oscar’ winner shares his methodology with students in ‘Hans Zimmer Teaches Film Music.’ In this class, you will learn how to create sounds, score a movie without ever viewing it, and most important, create character themes. 31 lessons later, you will have the tools to begin scoring your own movies. He tells his class the importance of gathering ideas, thoughts, and momentum, and by combining these energies explains his approach. His work is not a linear process. He describes it by saying it’s not a straight line but a series of twists and turns to get there.

There is a clear thought about making his music. Zimmer says he feels very lucky to have reached a point in his career where he has been asked to host a MasterClass on teaching film music. By showing students what he has accomplished and how he does it, he challenges his class to do their own thing and not copy his ideas on scoring a film. Belief in the power of moving forward in search of new ideas, being challenged and pushed by other successful film score creators has made his career worth it. If you’re one of those like-minded people, welcome aboard.

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