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Getting it Write: An Insider’s Guide to a Screenwriting Career

In your mind, the 120 pages of blockbuster script you’ve just finished, is your roadmap to a career as a screenwriter par excellence. Even your mother says so. Now what? Well if it was that easy, they’d have given the job to a relative and you might still be waiting tables. Time for you to learn the rules of the road to selling your blockbuster and become a professional writer.

‘Getting it Write’ by Lee Zahavi Jessup, is a book that teaches you just that. It’s not about character development, structure, format or great storytelling with twists and turns of plot. It’s about the business steps it takes to ‘make it’ as a Screenwriter.

Reading ‘Getting it Write’ you will learn about ‘how to’ self and script promotion, discover current trends industry execs are exploring, networking, and how to ‘pitch’ your blockbuster. There is even guidance on when is the best time of the year to send your script to producers, script markups and how to react to them, and seeking advice from your peers, registering your script, sales agreements, release forms, all necessary information beyond writing your script, designed to jumpstart your career.

With over 20 years of mentoring, author Lee Zahavi lays out the business of the business writers need to know, in an easy to read 152-page approach to establishing your career as a screenwriter.

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