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Filmmakers and Financing: Business Plans for Independents

Louise Levison’s ‘Filmmakers and Financing’ is the synthesis of her 28 years financing independent films and has become a valuable guide for film makers seeking funding for their project. As a UCLA teacher, editor and publisher of ‘The Film Entrepreneur’ she has helped to raise funding for films with budgets from $100,000 to over $30 million. ‘Filmmakers and Financing’ gives readers ‘how to’ tips on writing and presenting a business plan for investors that’s sure to impress. You will learn, how to survive the hustle, when to canvas private equity investors, the psychology of nurturing celebrity and the importance of their friendships while networking.

There are even pointers on how to create some industry ‘buzz’ for your film, and what you need to do so that distributors and money come to you. ‘Filmmakers and Financing’ includes a sample business plan, discusses the different approaches to mining for money be it for an animated film, documentary, or feature. Each of the 8 sections in this easy to read, comprehensive guide, with step by step approach to follow, bridges the gap between the business of the business, and the world of film making. For Indy film makers Levenson’s ‘Business Plan for Independents’ should be high on your list of resource material.

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