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Directing: Film Techniques and Aesthetics

Providing inspiration for many readers world-wide, this comprehensive treatment on ‘how to’ has helped thousands of film makers realize their creative vision and produce well made films. Chock full of A to Z advice on production, it’s one of those reference books that will live on your desk and not collecting dust somewhere on a shelf. It’s that good a read! Rabiger and Hurbis-Cherrier cover the thought process, technology, methods and judgement Directors use when making their films. From understanding less expensive digital technology, especially important to small budget film makers, believing you learn more by doing, ‘Directing’ contains a number of activities to help sharpen your skill set.

Beyond technical proficiency, readers will also be treated to ‘how to’ develop compelling stories that make your projects credible, craft a distinctive style and create your own artistic identity. In this 5th edition, and that says a lot about the value of this book, the creative and technical components of directing film has been described as a ‘total education’ in book form. The fact that the book has a companion website to help further your learning experience, demonstrates the in-depth coverage these writers created to develop the craft of film ‘Directing’.

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