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David Lynch Teaches Creativity and Film

David Lynch has been called the master of weirdness. In his MasterCraft 13 lesson course on Creativity and Film, students will quickly discover why. Here you are introduced to twisted characters, unconventional plots, and weird dream-like scenes. If you’re a fan, learning the how-to of film making, or a writer looking to sharpen your skills, this is one entertaining and engaging journey into his mind. When you think of David Lynch, think Twin Peaks, Mulholland Drive, Eraserhead, and Lost Highway then wonder how anyone could come up with these kinds of nightmarish images, sounds, and dark ideas. In the teaser to ‘David Lynch Teaches Creativity and Film,’ he tells us shooting a feature film is simple. Get about 70 ideas, write them down on 3×5 cards and ‘voilà, you have the basis for your movie. If it sounds too easy, in the absolute it is.

But the mere idea of using this approach as a starting point suggests it’s important to follow your original creative ideas. Lynch says to keep on dreaming because you never know what might come of it. From discovering ideas and inspiration to the building of uncommon worlds in production design, working with the crew, scoring your movie, and how and when to break the rules, Lynch’s Creativity and Film course is a different way of looking at film making. With 34 plus films to his credit, Lynch teaches students non-traditional filmmaking techniques. His movies are a testament to his process.

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