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The answer is the Shurtleff connection. The question is, what do Hoffman, Midler, Tomlin, Vereen, Redford, Streisand, David Merrick, Bob Fosse, Andrew Lloyd Webber and more have in common? As a Casting Director, Michael Shurtleff has launched the careers of many household names in the entertainment industry and worked with some of the best producers in the business. His credits include Broadway shows Becket and Chicago, films Jesus Christ Superstar, The Graduate, a TV series, 2 Writing and 1 Directorial credit, and his book ‘Audition.’

Published in 1978, Audition has been described as “a practical guide to the tryout process for aspiring actors.” This in-depth read, prepares an actor to get the role he or she is auditioning for. In chapter 2 of his 208 page book , Shurtleff outlines his 12 step Guideposts on what you need to know to prepare for your audition and explains why mastering these techniques is important.

You will learn how to develop a distinct style, create a mystery, evaluate the competition, use humor in your presentation, and how to prepare yourself in the moments before your audition. The audition process is laborious and sometimes cruel. Shurtleff’s ‘Audition,’ makes it less so and one of the reasons why it has become the bible on the subject.

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