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Acting as a Business: Strategies for Success

Brian O’Neil’s ‘Acting As A Business,’ provides novice and old pro thespians with survival guidelines on how to navigate the business side of acting. While other writers on the subject preached patience and a dogged determination to succeed on-screen, and more important, off-screen, O’Neil’s ‘Strategy For Success’ has changed that perception. As a vital resource, his effort has placed him on ‘Entertainment Weekly’s,’ exclusive list of Bibles for the industry. Three editions later, proves the popularity and effectiveness of his work. In this ‘good read’ you will discover how-to write a proper resume, cover letters, joining performer unions, finding an agent, how to learn about casting sessions well in advance of the event, tips on answering questions often asked by agents during an interview, and just as important, questions you should ask them as well.

Add to this list, what to do when auditioning for an agent in his office, strategies to follow up on how to find work, creating a list of casting directors who are familiar with your work, using the internet to help you get work and even advice on how to handle an interview with a personal manager. Reading through the above list, it’s easy to see why ‘Acting as a Business-Strategies for Success’ is now in its third edition.

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