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David Baldacci Teaches Mystery and Thriller Writing

Captivate your readers... David Baldacci has captivated readers across the world with gripping, suspense-fueled thrillers. Now the New York Times–bestselling author of 38 novels shares his techniques

Malcolm Gladwell Teaches Writing

Transform the ordinary... Ketchup. Crime. Quarterbacks. Thanks to Malcolm Gladwell’s books, these ordinary subjects have helped millions of readers grasp complex ideas like behavioral economics and p

Judd Apatow Teaches Comedy

Get serious about comedy... No joke: at age 15, Judd Apatow took a dishwashing job at a comedy club to watch the acts. Today, he’s the comedic genius behind hits including The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Kno

Spike Lee Teaches Filmmaking

Make films with an impact... Spike Lee didn’t just direct his award-winning 1986 feature debut, She’s Gotta Have It. He was also the writer, star, truck driver, location scout, electrician, and cater

R.L. Stine Teaches Writing for Young Audiences

Take the fear out of writing... Award-winning novelist R.L. Stine wrote jokes and funny stories for 20 years before he switched gears and became a horror-writing legend. Since then, the author of the

Ken Burns Teaches Documentary Filmmaking

The drama of truth... Since its 2017 debut, Ken Burns’s The Vietnam War has enthralled over 39 million viewers by painting an intimate and revealing portrait of history. In this online film class, le

Margaret Atwood Teaches Creative Writing

The art of powerful storytelling... Called the “Prophet of Dystopia,” Margaret Atwood is one of the most influential literary voices of our generation. In her first-ever online writing class, the aut

Dan Brown Teaches Writing Thrillers

Craft page-turning suspense... Packed with secret symbols and high-stakes suspense, Dan Brown’s thrillers have sold more than 250 million copies and include one of the world’s best-selling novels, Th

Neil Gaiman Teaches The Art of Storytelling

Unleash your imagination... Award-winning author Neil Gaiman has spent more than a quarter of a century crafting vivid, absorbing fiction. Now, the author of Stardust, Coraline, and The Sandman teach

Natalie Portman Teaches Acting

Make every role extraordinary... Natalie Portman began acting professionally at 12 and won an Oscar before she turned 30. As a self-taught actor, she uses personal techniques to create compelling, co

David Lynch Teaches Creativity and Film

Connect with your creativity... An avant-garde figure in filmmaking, David Lynch introduced mainstream audiences to art-house films. Now the Oscar-nominated director of Mulholland Drive teaches his c

Mira Nair Teaches Independent Filmmaking

Harness the power of your roots... Oscar-nominated filmmaker Mira Nair approaches directing with the “heart of a poet and the skin of an elephant,” spurred by rejection and fighting to bring uncompro

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