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At Videocamp Film, our mission is to collect social impact content that tells an important story and screen these stories with the public at no charge. It’s free to any group of 5 or more people who share a common interest and want to learn more about societies urgent causes. Our efforts are designed to advance a more fair, supportive, and sustainable plural world. Most of our exhibitors think of themselves as educators and as such their films are suitable for classroom audiences. Beyond screening your work to an appreciative audience, the advantage to producers is Videocamp’s network of promotional tools.

If your promotion and distribution budget is small, we’ll help market your film and get the word out. Should your film create a more popular response from its launching, we help activate networks and spread the good word allowing more audiences to discover your work. To sum up our efforts, Videocamp acts as the conduit connecting incredible films to an appreciative worldwide audience. The numbers don’t lie. Exhibitions- 20,000, Countries- 90+, Audience, and here’s the really big number, over 800,000.

We extended our funding resources in 2017 to include audio-visual production through our film funds. A single movie probably won’t change the world but it can easily have enough impact to change an audience. At Videocamp, we believe the world is worth it.

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