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In support of the work created by nonfiction filmmakers, The Sundance Documentary Fund is Global in scope. In today’s ever-changing media world, it has been a stable force of creative expression. Sometimes provocative, other times beautiful but always crafting complex issues that impact the social and cultural events of our time. We take great pride in playing a part in this growing community of filmmakers who continue to break new ground in innovation, creativity, and cultural dialogue. We search for filmmakers with a vision that can give voice to the under-represented and under-served global communities and understand the pressing need to build a fair open and free society.

Once a grant is given to a project, a host of support opportunities, both formal and informal, are provided to nurture the artist’s career and the project’s development. Our Alumni membership of 35 years consists of composers, more than 9,000 playwrights, filmmakers, and digital media creators, making our Sundance community more dynamic than ever before. Alumni continue to receive support through artist gatherings, access to tools, and advice. We encourage Alumni to get involved in our creative community and promote our mission to find and encourage the creation of work from new artists.

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