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San Francisco Film Society Documentary Film Fund

The San Francisco Film Society Documentary Film Fund (SFFILM) has bestowed over $750,000 since its inception in 2011. They seek doc filmmakers in post-production from all over the world. Applicants whose characters are as intriguing as the stories they tell and are presented in an innovated visual manner are high on the criteria list for consideration. Documentary Film Fund, (DFF) awards are granted once a year. The SFFILM Documentary Film Fund (DFF) supports engaging documentaries in post-production which exhibit compelling stories, have intriguing characters and presents an innovative visual approach. DFF grants are awarded once each year to qualified recipients, with grant amounts, and the number of grants issued, made annually.

Complimenting the cash award, are a number of other benefits available to filmmakers through our artistic development program. Our track record of providing funding to recent Award Winners is impressive. It includes 1 Sundance Directing award also nominated for an Academy, a Sundance Special Jury Prize, and several World Premieres at San Francisco’s International Film Festival. Titles you may recognize from our list of recent winners include, Cutie and the Boxer, Romeo is Bleeding, The Feeling of Being Watched, Dolores, and Hale County This Morning. To assist interested parties seeking to Fund their projects, we offer a template and ‘how to’ instructions to develop your proposal.

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