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MountainFilm Commitment Grant

Mountainfilm is a spirited association of ideas, people, stories and a film festival that honors communities and individuals who investigate and promote answers to many of today’s global concerns for a more livable world. We started our journey in 1979 and are proud to say we are one of the longest-running festivals of its kind in America. For many years, audiences have described our festival as inspiring and moving forward, we continue to champion that spirt. At Mountainfilm, we seek creative storytellers that align with, and are in support of, our mission to inform and educate.

Annually, we give Grants totaling $30,000 to ensure today’s important stories are being told and just as important, being heard. Recipients include photographers, filmmakers, adventurers, and artists. If your work can be showcased in a gallery, theater, or online, interested parties should apply. Projects that have both a tangible and a positive effect on specific issues that are vital to our world are welcome to apply. As part of our mission, student programming plays a strategic role in our organization. Our Grants are open to those who have previously been involved in Telluride Mountainfilm as a presenter, filmmaker or with a recommendation by a Mountainfilm participant.

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