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As North America’s largest documentary festival of its kind, with more than 200 films on display from all over the world, Toronto audiences have been treated to a global showcase of documentary presentations that inform, entertain and inspire. As of this moment, HDBIG has awarded sixty projects from twenty participating countries and has investing $2.35 million CAD allowing African film makers to bring their stories to life. The year-round home for HDBIG and film screenings is a century-old theater located in downtown Toronto. As a community focused

Cinema, it hosts a number of film festivals serving a broad range of programming. HDBIG offers Grants to broadcast and feature-length documentaries in production or in development. On average, 4 to 10 grants of $10,000 CDN are awarded every year with consideration for our mentorship program. The only caveat being Grant money for pre-production and development must be spent in the region. The Hot Docs Blue Ice Fund also provides successful applicants a Grant of up to $40,000 CAD or a maximum of half the production budget depending on the advice of the selection committee.

Unless notified by the applicant, eligible submissions to HDBIG will be considered for the New York Times Op-Docs program as well. This program seeks independent documentaries that encompass a wide range of creative latitude. Subjects can include contemporary life, current affairs, and historical content. It’s possible to get funding support from both HDBIG and OP-Docs as well.

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