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Gucci Tribeca Documentary Fund

Budding documentarian or seasoned pro with a great story to tell, beyond mastering the familiar nuts and bolts of production, lurks the biggest challenge for many film makers. It’s called financing. Fortunately there are a number of places to shop for help, ‘The Gucci Tribeca Documentary Fund’ being one of them. With Oath Foundation support, finishing funds for feature length documentaries highlighting important social issues, are considered. If your project is currently in post or production, is driven by in depth storytelling, and uses a compelling visual approach, check out GTDFunds. A majority of their grants focus on the lives of youth and women from around the globe working to improve their futures, their communities, and the world they live in.

With traditional mainstream media giving short shrift to documentary stories that need to be told, the vacuum created opens up new directions for filmmaker/storytellers to pursue. The internet being a main platform and important tool to showcase domestic issues, social conflicts and world affairs. But this Fund offers much more than Grants. Documentarians can receive one-on-one consultation and guidance to help move their project to completion, join the marketplace and source the widest possible audience. The Tribeca Film Institute works to provide documentarians with all the resources needed to connect with audiences, tell their stories and advance their careers. For cash strapped documentary storytellers, at Film Ally we believe Gucci Tribeca should be high on your list of funding alternatives.

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