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Frameline Completion Fund

For over 25 years, the Frameline Completion Fund has been providing grants to both new and recognized filmmakers who need financial assistance to complete their projects. Up to $5,000 can be available for films that promote and show the richness and complexity of LGBTQ+ life. So far, Frameline has provided Grants of more than $500,000 to further the completion of 150 projects that have been viewed by a wide range of audiences. Currently, submissions are being considered for experimental, narrative, documentary, and episodic productions that promote the LGBTQ community and its people. To broaden our service to our audiences and promote more diversity in our message, we invite applications from women, the disabled, transgender, intersex, people of color, asexual people, and non-binary people.

To qualify for financial assistance the applicant must demonstrate financial need, a guaranteed assurance of completion, the monies we grant are critical to the crafting the project, and most important, the project must make a unique statement about members of the LGBTQ community and issues they face. The review process by our programming team checks out all applications and from that group, selects a list of semi-finalists. These are then recommended to an independent panel of producers, media professionals, directors, academics, programmers or other experts who will meet to select the final award winners.

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