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As a source of financing, Cinereach has been supporting Indie filmmakers since 2006. Born out of necessity for the many artists who wanted to make cutting-edge films but lacked the funding to do so, Grants have been awarded to more than 200 non-fiction and fiction feature-length films for big-screen release. Our research of Cinereach discovered an organization dedicated to developing partnerships, projects, talent, and stories that create lasting impressions on global audiences. Supported by a collection of diverse industry professionals that include writers, producers, financiers, creative executives, programmers, a graphic artist, and even a lawyer, all lending their expertise to promote core values, makes Cinereach unique in its expertise and funding capability. Support for your project through Grants can be awarded at any stage of production.

Searching their website, we discovered their Producer Award and Fellowship programs to be of particular interest. For producers, awards are granted to those who create innovative storytelling by providing thought-provoking content. Fellowships allow filmmakers to seek new avenues of expression so critical to the advancement of their careers. For documentarians seeking financing, guidance, and a professional helping hand, Cinereach is a one-stop shopping experience allowing filmmakers to realize their vision through the films they create and display them on the big silver screen.

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