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At Catapult Film Fund, we help fund the development of cinematic, story-driven films during startup. Stories that hold promise and will be unique to the medium of film are encouraged to apply. Up to $20,000 is available for powerful stories that filmmakers have been granted access to produce, and now seek the funds to finance their production. This assistance helps move forward projects where funding has been traditionally difficult to find. Catapult does not champion any special agenda or subject. We vigorously support a wide range of subject material in forms that best suit both the artist and the film. Each project under consideration is specifically tailored to the needs of the filmmaker.

These may include but are not limited to, production, distribution, story development, and fundraising. We even make available opportunities for additional Grants called Consulting Grants and Momentum Grants. The Momentum Grant is available to grantees who are in need of additional funding to take them to the next step. The Grant of up to $15,000 can help aspiring filmmakers hire music composers, an editor, translations of transcripts, and research. Our grantees can apply for a humble strategic Consulting Grant in support of consultation with industry experts like producers, editors, and even First Amendment legal practitioners.

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