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Are you an instructor or active member of the film industry looking to gain exposure to over 5,000 visitors a day? Then Film Ally is the place for you! We're opening the door for industry professionals to write 500+ word articles to post on our site. This will give you an  incredible opportunity to present your services or talents to more than 5,000 viewers every day. And the best part is, this audience is full of people that are in your target market and more than eager to purchase your services!

What you need to do

All you need to do is provide us with a 500+ word article that hasn't been published or posted anywhere online. Our audience consists mostly of film students that are looking to learn from experienced film professionals; so your article needs to be film-related, highly informative and educational. Once on our website, you'll be getting high amounts of traffic from people that are in your precise market! 5 articles are randomly selected to showcase on the home page banner.

You get what you put in

If you contribute 10 articles or more; you'll be propelled into the public eye and permanently featured on the homepage and other high-traffic areas of the website. So if you're an avid writer, why not post it here? You'll be getting tons of exposure to the exact audience you're looking for!

How it works

Using Film Ally is a breeze! All you need to do is sign up and complete your profile. Once you've done that you can instantly start sharing your articles with the film world. You'll also be able to keep a firm eye on how well each of your articles is doing. With the ability to see who's viewing your profile and when they're doing it, you'll have an easier time strategizing to make your profile reach as many eyes as possible.

So get started today and start sharing your knowledge and presenting your services to a heavily targeted audience that is looking to spend money!

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