The explosion of social media over the last few years has been a boon to getting the word out. From all over the world, people can sell anything, buy anything, have thousands of followers to help monetize their business and themselves. For many, it's the social aspect that tens of millions of people in the USA use each and every day. Probably not your best showbiz marketing plan especially when you consider the creative business you are about to enter. I wonder how many Casting Directors search Facebook, Twitter, et al when shopping for talent?

1.Attracting the business of Showbusiness.

How many times a day do you ‘Google' someone or look for answers to questions? You do it not only personally, but professionally as well. So do decision-makers in the film/tv industry when searching for talent in its many forms. Looking for a Key grip in Kathmandu, try How about a wardrobe search for men's suits from the 1930's? Easy! Using Google search check out the many references including How about the ingenue Emily the actress? Sorry, can't be found. She doesn't have a website. Her resume goes to the bottom of the ingenue pile. Ouch.

2.First impressions are lasting.

This old chestnut is as true today as when it was written over 200 years ago. Thanks to social media, maybe even more so. Your website is your business card, and you only have one chance at making a first impression. Use a professional to build your site for the same reason you would use the best photographer you can afford to make your ‘Wow' factor comp. Enlist fellow artists for design input, writers for the copy, and photographers for all those incredible shots that show you at your best. Make it memorable. Make it sizzle. Most of all, make it, you.

3.Grow your career by being current.

Like script changes during production which are many, your website needs to stay up to date and in step with the industry. Last years website may not be how you want to present yourself today. Sure it's good to allude to that Horror movie you made a few years ago, but if Horror has fallen from grace in Hollywood, and romantic comedies are the new in thing, take note and make the change. A blood dripping vampire will most likely not have a place in the cast of a new Steve Martin film. Make sure your web designer understands and constructs an easy to revise site that will save you time and money.

4.Social Media builds your brand

Casting Directors, Talent Agencies, Producers, Directors, even Screenwriters use your social media following to gauge your popularity and revenue potential. Gwyneth Paltrow has both an Oscar and an Emmy to her credit. Her social media voice is estimated at about 5 million views and as such, she is considered an Instagram M.V.P. Industry wants to know how many followers you have. Sending emails to your fans has become yesterday's news. It's also time-consuming and expensive.

5.Delivering ‘WOW!'

Your website is an investment in you. It's designed to get readers to think ‘WOW' leading to auditions and work. It's today, tomorrow and most important your career. It's a key to open doors that are easily shared among industry professionals, just a few clicks away. It's your pre-audition, audition. Do it right because first impressions really are lasting.
That's a wrap.

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