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When you’re perfecting your craft, you can’t go it alone. The entire entertainment industry is built on modifying, improving and reinterpreting what has come before. New ideas emerge in equal measure from what has already been tried as from what hasn’t yet been attempted. It is said that those who can’t learn from the past are doomed to repeat it, but in the film business you don’t get the chance to repeat your failures.

That’s why every successful filmmaker has learned from the experience of their peers. And with Film Ally, you’ve got access to the best of them. Our mission is to introduce emerging filmmakers to the most useful tools and resources on the market. These are the books and classes that industry professionals have created to share their expertise and hard-won knowledge. This is the filmmaking software and equipment you need to make your life easier and get the best possible results for your efforts. We’ve vetted every resource and stand behind their relevance, quality and performance.

Forge your own path – but bring along a silent partner who will sort through an avalanche of irrelevance to put the spotlight squarely on what you need to make it in the film industry.

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