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5 critical reasons film industry members need to create professional websites

The explosion of social media over the last few years has been a boon to getting the word out. From all over the world, people can sell anything, buy...

Key must have tools for first time directorial success

Over my career in The Biz, I have been blessed to be part of the production team for a number of really good film directors. I’ve watched, Ron...

Mastering the use of Catharsis and adding it to your bag of screenwriting tricks.

Katharsis as the ancient Greeks defined it, meant cleansing or purification. In today’s screenwriting world, using Catharsis properly describes...

3 Tips To Land A Distribution Deal That Works For You

When a major studio produces a movie, they’re footing the bill. They’ve got the financial resources to pay for everything from script development to...

The Basics of IP Law and the Film Industry

As an inherently creative medium, the film industry is heavily intertwined with the field of IP law. Directors, editors, producers, and people at all...

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Martin Scorcese Teaches Filmmaking

With a Best Director Oscar for ‘The Departed,’ 11 other Academy nominations, Three Emmy’s, Golden Globes, and BAFTA awards, Martin Scorsese’s list of industry-recognized achievements more than qualify him to ‘Teach Film...

Spike Lee Teaches Filmmaking

His love for Filmmaking is contagious and it shows in his MasterClass, ‘Spike Lee Teaches Filmmaking.’ His production company ’40 Acres and A Mule’ has produced 35 films since its inception in 1983. His extensive body...


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David Lynch Teaches Creativity and Film

David Lynch has been called the master of weirdness. In his MasterCraft 13 lesson course on Creativity and Film, students will quickly discover why. Here you are introduced to twisted characters, unconventional plots...

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Diversity Development Fund

Another funding source Film Ally is proud to offer our readers when shopping for financing, is the Diversity Development Fund. Unlike some of the other funds we have included on our website, Diversity seeks filmmakers...

Women in Film Finishing Fund

Continuing our Film Ally search for funding sources, we discovered, as the Grant title states, a Fund available to projects crafted by women or are about women. Grants are awarded to filmmakers in both long and short...

Cinereach Film Fund

As a source of financing, Cinereach has been supporting Indie filmmakers since 2006. Born out of necessity for the many artists who wanted to make cutting-edge films but lacked the funding to do so, Grants have been...

Gucci Tribeca Documentary Fund

Budding documentarian or seasoned pro with a great story to tell, beyond mastering the familiar nuts and bolts of production, lurks the biggest challenge for many film makers. It’s called financing. Fortunately there...

Pick up a camera. Shoot something. No matter how small, no matter how cheesy, no matter whether your friends and your sister star in it. Put your name on it as director. Now you’re a director. Everything after that you’re just negotiating your budget and your fee.

James Cameron

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