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So you want to be a screenwriter! 4 rules of the road.

In jest, somebody wrote “Alcohol because no great story ever started with someone eating a salad.” Many famous writers had an addiction to Madame...

Mastering the use of Catharsis and adding it to your bag of screenwriting tricks.

Katharsis as the ancient Greeks defined it, meant cleansing or purification. In today’s screenwriting world, using Catharsis properly describes...

7 Key takeaways newbies need to follow to get their script read.

Appeasing the Gatekeepers. There are many. A wise man once asked, “If your script falls in the forest and nobody reads it, any chance you get...

I’m Not Your Sugar Daddy – Pitching Your Film Project To Investors

You may be a great believer in the myth of the kindly benefactor, but if so, you should save it for your script. There’s always room in Hollywood for...

The Basics of IP Law and the Film Industry

As an inherently creative medium, the film industry is heavily intertwined with the field of IP law. Directors, editors, producers, and people at all...

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Shonda Rhimes Teaches Writing for Television

It’s been said Shonda Rhimes had to do a Take 2 and start over when pitching Grey’s Anatomy. As they say in the trade, “You’ve come a long way baby.“ Original jitters far behind, since then Rhimes has helmed some of...

Christina Aguilera Teaches Singing

As you would probably agree, earning 1 grammy award is no small feat, let alone 5. With this accomplishment and many more behind her, Christina Aguilera holds your hand and walks you through the process of expanding...


    Learn at your own pace with a schedule that is convenient for you from any device.


    Control the distractions in your environment to improve concentration and retention.


    Reasonable prices that allow you to take all the classes required to hone your craft.

Judy Blume Teaches Writing

The genre is YA. (young adults) The author is Judy Blume. With more than 85 million in book sales and counting, Blume’s passion for writing books for young girls marking the passage from childhood to adolescence, began...

Featured in FUNDS

Diversity Development Fund

Another funding source Film Ally is proud to offer our readers when shopping for financing, is the Diversity Development Fund. Unlike some of the other funds we have included on our website, Diversity seeks filmmakers...

Women in Film Finishing Fund

Continuing our Film Ally search for funding sources, we discovered, as the Grant title states, a Fund available to projects crafted by women or are about women. Grants are awarded to filmmakers in both long and short...

Cinereach Film Fund

As a source of financing, Cinereach has been supporting Indie filmmakers since 2006. Born out of necessity for the many artists who wanted to make cutting-edge films but lacked the funding to do so, Grants have been...

Gucci Tribeca Documentary Fund

Budding documentarian or seasoned pro with a great story to tell, beyond mastering the familiar nuts and bolts of production, lurks the biggest challenge for many film makers. It’s called financing. Fortunately there...

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